Home Motivacion Muestra en Instagram cómo perder 18 kilos en cinco pasos seguros.”
Muestra en Instagram cómo perder 18 kilos en cinco pasos seguros.”

Muestra en Instagram cómo perder 18 kilos en cinco pasos seguros.”


Instagram ha sido el escaparate de Kathryn Dickie para mostrar cómo siguiendo cinco normas, y con mucha constancia, ha conseguido perder 18 kilos.

Kathryn Dickie, adelgaza 18 kilos

Kathryn Dickie es abogada y tiene 37 años. En 2012 inició una dieta cuyos secretos ha decidido compartir en su perfil de Instagram. Con la estrategia del largo plazo y mucha paciencia, ha conseguido su objetivo, adelgazar 19 kilos. Eso sí, puntualiza que al empezar este largo proceso no hizo una cosa: pesarse.


1. Reducir las cinco cucharadas de azúcar del café. En su lugar, emplea un edulcorante.

2. Contratar a un entrenador personal. 

3. Controlar las calorías que quema. Ayudada con una de las aplicaciones para el móvil que existen, Kathryn controlaba las calorías que consumía al comer y que gastaba haciendo ejercicio.

4. Entrenamiento. También ha participado en diferentes entrenamientos para mantenerse en forma.

5. Monitorizar la ingesta de carbohidratos. Redujo el consumo de carbohidratos a menos de 100 gramos diarios.

Ver màs foto de su increible su  instagram kdinspiredlife

I've tried quite a few different diet and exercise programs since starting this Instagram. I share my experiences and only recommend programs I found to be a positive experience and achieved progress when I was using them. . ☝🏻️to name a few there's been #BBG, #DitchtheDiet, #Changinghabits #whole30, #tiu, #refinedsugarfree, #astangayoga and more! . However regardless of the program, if it's well designed by a professional then whether it will work for you is really more about whether you are ready to commit to doing it properly than if it's the 'perfect program' . I have brought countless diet books, exercise guides and mindfulness programs in my life but the only ones that ever worked are programs I actually committed the time and energy to doing properly. . 👉🏻Ditch the Diet involved 6 weeks of doing worksheets every week, listening to a one hour master class and practical application of the 5 eating codes to stop emotional eating . 👉🏻Bikini Body Guide involved at least 3x sessions of resistance training, 2x sessions of low intensity training and stretching each week for 12 weeks and then repeated . 👉🏻Whole30 was super clean eating for 30 days (ok, I only made it to day 24 of that one 🙊) . The success of any program is a combination of finding the right program for you and your level of commitment to completing it. . Before you pay out money for yet another program, I suggest you try and work out how motivated you really are to make the changes to our current lifestyle. Whether you are prepared to give it a priority in your life and make time to do it properly. Change can sometimes be painful, are you willing to step outside your comfort zone? Are you really ready to put in the work? . Currently Ditch the Diet Bootcamp is ending its early bird discount so if you are ready to deal with your emotional eating then click the link in my bio @kdinspiredlife

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